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Oral Health | Cornerstone

Oral Health Initiative

A Medicaid Oral Health Initiative improves the overall health of the population, reducing care costs in the short and long term.

Cornerstone reduces state Medicaid spending through the essential integration of Medical and Dental data. Our patented and patent-pending solutions drive improved oral health, leading to improved total body health with the highest impact on chronic disease and pregnancy. A healthier population means reduced health care costs.

The care costs of diabetes and heart disease rise annually while these diseases continue to claim the lives of millions of recipients. Through better oral health, 45% of diabetics experienced improved care outcomes, just one example of how data integration can impact chronic conditions for the better.

The amount of research connecting total body health and oral health continues to grow, but an essential piece is bringing dental and medical data integration into mainstream healthcare.

Cornerstone Oral Health Initiative
Cornerstone Oral Health Initiative

Cornerstone delivers the full value and measure of Oral Health to a Medicaid population. Our focused expertise in dental insurance, data integration, Medicaid, and benefits communications ensures impactful results for states looking to improve the health and lives of Medicaid recipients, ultimately delivering substantial savings through reduced Medicaid spending.

States seeking proven and innovative solutions for Medicaid cost reduction must consider the Medicaid Oral Health Initiative from Cornerstone.

Not only will health care spending drop, but millions of state residents will be living happier and healthier lives.

Cornerstone Oral Health Initiative

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