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Expert Medicaid Solutions

Reduce expenses while you improve the health of your Medicaid population with our patented, proven, and exciting solutions designed to save you money while providing unparalleled recipient support.

Cornerstone programs rapidly reduce government Medicaid costs without any additional state spending.

Our experience-driven approach to expense reduction brings your state’s costs under control while maintaining your recipients’ information with ultimate accuracy and the utmost sensitivity.

Our unique combination of Medicaid expertise and data analysis help each state make better decisions within their existing expenditures all while improving the overall health of their population.

Why Cornerstone?

In an era of unprecedented health care spending, Cornerstone is an organization dedicated to helping states recover and reduce Medicaid spending with a portfolio of patented and revolutionary solutions. Our numerous products positively affect a State’s budget through cost saving programs targeted at Medicaid as well as recovering funds from liable third party insurers.

An organization intently built on innovation, we continuously explore, evaluate and develop new programs that complement state needs and exceed their toughest expectations. But working with us means more than savings; Cornerstone brings increased efficiency, accurate data mining, and decades of experience to the front lines of state Medicaid budgeting.

Cornerstone Experts

Cornerstone has a deep level of expertise in Medicaid with collective decades of experience in healthcare solutions centered on Medicaid policy, savings and efficiency improvement. Our unique approach delivers Medicaid solutions to states in need of improved and even revolutionary savings mechanisms. Fill out our inquiry form today and see why states call Cornerstone first.

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Recipient Care

Cornerstone holds Medicaid recipients in high regard, and we treat them with care.

Our goal is to save states money but not at the risk of alienating or frustrating recipients and certainly in no way that causes them overwhelming concern.

Cost Cutting

Cornerstone is all about burden free cost-reduction. We don’t think it should cost states valuable time and money to cut Medicaid expenses. Our patented and proven services not only save states money, but our programs also require minimal effort from government staffers.

Additionally, Cornerstone comes alongside your existing branches to support them in a variety of valuable ways.

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Why Medicaid?

Medicaid is the largest health program by enrollment and represents one-sixth of the national health economy. The Medicaid program is of critical importance to American society, but with spending outpacing inflation, states must seek ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Medicaid spending increased an average of 5.2% annually from 2010 to 2014, and it now accounts for increased portions of Federal and State budgets. As of March 2016, Medicaid covers over 72.4 Million members, serving as the insurance safety net for the nation’s most vulnerable populations including children, the elderly and developmentally challenged.

Cornerstone partners with states in dire need of savings to improve their Medicaid programs.

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Save money on Medicaid services through any one of our patented cost control measures.

Saving money doesn’t need to be difficult because Cornerstone makes it easy.

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