Cutting the Cost of Medicaid Services

Cornerstone’s unique suite of Medicaid solutions merges cutting-edge technology with industry-leading operational, compliance and cost reduction measures.


These innovative, and patented, cost control tools are specifically designed to reign in the soaring costs of Medicaid services for each state without additional burden to department staff or budget.

Work with Cornerstone
Experience You Trust, Results You Need

Cornerstone has a deep level of expertise in Medicaid with decades of collective experience in healthcare solutions centered on Medicaid policy, savings and efficiency improvement.

Expert Advice

In developing Cornerstone, we’ve created a “dream team” of experts who are passionate about finding creative ways to bring new levels of savings to state Medicaid spending.

Focused on Savings

Our team was built to save states money on Medicaid through excellent use of technology and out-of-the-box cost control strategies.

Committed to Recipients

At Cornerstone, we understand there’s more to Medicaid services than just the bottom line. Medicaid impacts families and individuals daily, and it’s our goal to be sensitive to that.

Oral Health Initiative

Studies show better oral health improves total body health, which reduces health care plan cost. Through our patented process, states save money while enhancing the health of Medicaid recipients.

Our Oral Heath Initiative promotes the overall health of high-risk individuals leaving a profound and lasting social impact on those with the greatest need of real assistance.

The End of Medicaid Waste

Put a stop to excessive Medicaid spending with Cornerstone’s patented and proven solutions. Our Medicaid services bring accuracy and efficiency to state healthcare budgeting.

Cornerstone dedicates it’s services to recovering and reducing Medicaid spending while, at the same time, increasing the quality of life for recipients through better health care and education.

Our portfolio of patented and revolutionary solutions positively affect your budget through cost saving and expense recovery programs targeted at Medicaid.

Third Party Liability Recovery

Our unique, patented process helps recover state funds from third parties identified as having a partial responsibility for accident coverage.

Cornerstone’s approach is revolutionary as not a single state can recover third party liability (TPL) on previously paid claims under Medicaid like us.